Robotics Growth Partnership Launches Cyber-Physical Infrastructure Vision


The Partnership for Robotics Growth (RGP) today launched its vision for cyber-physical infrastructure (CPI), bringing together physical and digital tools to accelerate the innovation process and reduce costs and risks for innovators to rapidly prototype, test and scale ideas.

the RGP was set up by the government in 2019, with the aim of putting the UK at the forefront of the global smart robotics revolution. It brings together representatives from industry, academia and government to explore how smart machines can support the UK’s economic recovery from the pandemic, build resilience to future shocks and help achieve national goals such as Build Back Stronger and NetZero.

Published today (February 11, 2022), the RGPThe vision of CPI acknowledges the accelerating pace of technological change and the way the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of data – particularly real-time data for national systems and infrastructure – identifying that to address significant challenges, those who have good tools, models and simulations are the most able to adapt and react to pace and scale.

Science Minister George Freeman said:

From tackling climate change and the healthcare revolution to preparing for national security risks and supply chain disruptions, we face a number of significant opportunities to solve innovative problems in the world. global scale.

Advances in connected digital and physical technologies allow us to create new tools and models to better predict and manage future global shocks, from climate change to pandemics, test innovation in real time and lead the UK to leadership in many new approaches to agile regulatory testbeds.

This vision represents an important step and lays the foundation for the commitments made in our innovation strategy.

the RGP has engaged broadly and effectively to develop and test this Vision through a series of virtual events including workshops, seminars and a dedicated Cyber ​​Physical Fabric Summit in July 2021.

the RGP‘s vision and thinking have played an important role in informing ongoing work across government on digital twins and more broadly CPIand it will lay the groundwork for the next CPI consultation engaged in the innovation strategy.

The implementation of the CPI would build on and complement several other national strategies, including the National Data Strategy, AI Strategy, Innovation Strategy, and the 10-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.

See also the letter from Science Minister George Freeman in response to the publication of the Vision for CPI.


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