Ryan Daisy is an Officials Development Program success


The 34-year-old is the first person in USA Hockey’s officiating development program to reach the Cup final. He was assigned to Game 1, as well as Games 3 and 6 in the officiating rotation.

“It was definitely a moment I will never forget,” Daisy said.

Although it was a big event, it wasn’t even the milestone of his summer. He married Elizabeth Fortin on July 23 in Quebec City, Quebec, where the couple moved last summer for work as neuro-ophthalmologists. The Daisy’s Cup mission was thankfully just far enough away to not impact the marriage, with the Avalanche winning the title in Game 6 on June 26.

The opportunity presented itself after missing a mission after the first round in the last three seasons, including 2020 due to bilateral hip surgery during the playoffs which took place in the COVID-19 bubble. .

But last season, Daisy continued to progress. First Round, Second Round and Conference Finals. He had been paired with Steve Barton before the playoffs started and the veteran linesman gave him sage advice as the two traveled from Toronto to St. Louis for a different first-round series.

“He just looked at me and he was like, ‘Hey, remember, all the players and coaches you know, they’re all under the microscope, just like us,’ Daisy recalled. “‘It will be an emotional run, don’t take everything to heart. The players and the coaches are going to give you more of a hard time than they did in the regular season. But he really looked at me and said, ‘ “You’re here for a reason. Just keep working the game the way you do. And that gave me a lot of confidence there.

One thing that probably works in Daisy’s favor is her attitude to strive for self-improvement. Despite everything he has achieved this season, he admits never having had a “perfect match”.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have a perfect game,” he said.

He worked Game 7 between the Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames in the first round and just kept his approach simple.

“I didn’t really think about what round it was or what game it was,” Daisy said of her thought process. “It’s just another hockey game I get to work.”

By the end of the Conference Finals, Daisy was confident in what he had done in all three rounds, but wasn’t sure if it was good enough to be one of five linesmen selected for the Conference Finals. Chopped off. He had a chat with his dad about whether he would make the cut and simply said, “You never know. We will know tomorrow morning.

Daisy opened her email the next morning, then returned her phone to her future wife, who read the email and double-checked it: Daisy had been selected for the Cup final.

Having been selected to work on Game 1, Daisy didn’t have time to get used to the atmosphere. But since it was the Cup final, the officials were treated to a rare morning spin, as teams usually do.


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