Scottsbluff School Board Hears Support and Opposition for School Masks | Education


After a brief interlude of other board business, including passing the 2021-2022 budget to $ 71,743,641 – a 21% increase over last year due to ESSERS funding – and the rate of property tax of about 1.3%, a COVID-19 update was given, with special guest speakers.

Bruner began by giving his advice on balancing both sides of the problem, stating that masks are only needed if there is a positive case or an individual is ill. Board member Lori Browning asked several questions, particularly comparing what he said about masking around the same time last year to this year.

“How is it different for you to say from kindergarten to grade 5 a year ago, when there weren’t as many cases, ‘Yeah, you hide yourself. Let’s make sure these children are masked, ”she said. “And now there are a lot more cases in our district than a year ago, and you say, ‘Ehhh. “

Bruner replied that there was more information on how to treat COVID-19 and how to prevent it, so masks are not the “end of everything” like they were last year. He said it was time to start teaching students more about risk and less about fear.

“(The best thing is) not to be afraid of things,” he said. “So we teach them to be afraid of things; we’ve taught everyone to run away from it, and now we have to teach them to… be respectful. Wear masks when we are sick. Don’t go to school when we’re sick. … Teaching everyone to run and hide with a mask doesn’t necessarily help them at all.

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