See Rick’s Life Before Morty In A First Look At Infinity Hour


One of the main characters from Rick and Morty is recruited into the Galactic Rebellion in this exclusive first look at the upcoming comic book, Infinity Hour.

CBR has an exclusive first look at the upcoming issue of Rick and Morty: Infinity Hourwhich promises a dive into Rick’s life before he met Morty, including his recruitment into the rebellion against the Galactic Federation.

The preview is split between two distant stories. In the first, an alien freedom fighter sneaks around a Galactic Federation ship, dodging the sarcastic insect-like Federation soldiers. In the second, a young Rick Sanchez, still a struggling NASA engineer, makes an unfortunate pitch for a detoaster machine.

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The four numbers infinity hour run will apparently show how these plotlines collide, telling a new story about Rick’s background. the rick and morty The show, over its five seasons, has slowly revealed Rick’s past involvement in a galactic rebellion and how central war has been to Rick’s emotional development. The eighth episode of Season 5, “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort,” delved into Rick’s memories of the end of the war, exploring how rebellion and Rick’s discovery of infinite parallel universes drove him to becoming the jaded nihilist he is in the show.

“Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort” features Rick interacting with a younger, pre-jaded version of himself who, by the end of the episode, is terrified of becoming his older, alcoholic self. infinity hour is set to follow a version of this young Rick and may actually show some of the events, discoveries, and relationships that led him to his tragic fate.

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Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, rick and morty is about mad scientist Rick leading his grandson Morty (and occasionally granddaughter Summer) on a myriad of eclectic sci-fi adventures. Using the mechanics of jumping between endless wacky universes, the series is known for satirizing all established sci-fi properties, as well as a range of inventive storytelling structures.

Rick is presented as a genius inventor whose mastery of technology makes him almost a god, but also as a damaged man trying to reconnect with his family after abandoning them for his own interests. From the start of the series, Rick’s experiences away from his family and from Earth have been spoken of as pivotal in his character development. infinity hour promises to tell how it all started.

Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour is written by Mags Visaggio and illustrated by Marc Ellerby. The first issue is available now, with issue 2 due out on April 27 and issue 3 on May 25.

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