Shine Bright Helm Street Kindergarten honored in 2021 Victorian Early Years Awards


Shine Bright Helm Street Kindergarten was announced as one of the winners of the Victorian Early Years Awards 2021, successfully in the Continuity of Early Learning category through the delivery of their Creative Arts Transition Program in collaboration with Kangaroo Flat Primary School.

Creative Arts Transition is a partnership that enhances the transition of vulnerable children to primary school by developing their social and emotional skills through the creative arts.

By identifying socio-emotional development as a key priority of school readiness, Helm Street Kindergarten and Kangaroo Flat Primary have teamed up to hire an art therapist to work between the two settings, helping children do what can be done. be a difficult transition – especially for children in vulnerable situations.

The art therapist provides continuity and guidance in kindergarten and school, helping children to tell stories about their experience in a creative, non-verbal way. By providing a safe medium through which they can express their emotions, build resilience, and build meaningful relationships, children develop a sense of belonging and belonging to the new learning environment.

Unique in its goal of improving the well-being of all children through artistic creation, Creative Arts Transition ensures that the impact of creative, caring and cohesive relationships supports children’s successful transition into the school environment.

To access information on all the winners, please see here.


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