Takt op. Destiny’s best moments are undermined by poor storytelling


Takt Episode 10, Op Destiny, lacks an emotional punch in the stomach in its revealing of the tragic backstory of a conductor.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for takt op.Destiny Episode 10, “Master and Pupil -Lenny-“, now airing on Crunchyroll.

Episode 10 represents another touching moment for takt op Destiny as fans bid farewell to Lenny, who has had a huge impact on the lives of Takt and Destiny. In fact, it turns out that Lenny knew and idolized Takt’s father – his teacher – a long time ago, and it was because of his death that Lenny became a conductor for the Symphonica.

It is not the first time takt op Destiny had the tear of an episode. Episode 2 revealed how Cosette first became a Musicart, while the later episodes turned into a poignant sort of emotional catharsis for Takt and Destiny as the former finally came to terms with Cosette’s passing. Sadly, Episode 10 just doesn’t sound the same. It’s hard to have the same emotional reaction when things get heavy with clichés.

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takt op.destiny sagan with hell and heaven

After hearing Lenny’s cryptic message on the Symphonica and its connection to the tragedy that killed Takt’s father 10 years ago, Takt knew he couldn’t let Lenny go without hearing the whole truth. But just as Lenny is about to exhibit the Symphonica, of course someone interrupts him: Grand Maestro Sagan and his two Musicarts, Hell and Heaven.

It’s a trope that’s been done countless times – just as the hero is about to learn the truth, the villain walks in and acts as a hindrance to his understanding. Clichés aren’t inherently bad if they take an interesting turn, but Episode 10 of takt op Destiny follows a predictable path. Takt, Lenny and their respective Musicarts work together to fight against Sagan.

With MAPPA and Madhouse at the helm, the combat animation is one of the best parts of the episode with sparks flying as Destiny clashes with the deadly wheels of Hell and Titan throws himself ball for ball with Heaven. But that’s not enough to detract from the other mediocre details of the storytelling.

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takt op.destiny titan final attack

Sagan is as one-dimensional an antagonist as they come. Granted, Episode 10 focuses more on Lenny, and the Grand Maestro’s motives were barely explored before the action took hold. But the way he’s portrayed makes him feel like he gets a sadistic joy in watching people die for music. Even though Sagan turns out to be some sort of psychopath, he’s not particularly interesting. Many recent anime and films have gone to great lengths to create well-developed antagonists as their primary focus is often to advance the plot (and protagonist’s development), but at the moment Sagan is just doing bad things for the sake of it. ‘be bad in takt op Destiny.

As a result, it’s a little harder to feel as deeply moved by Lenny’s death as it needed to be. Originally, he became a conductor because he was guilty of the death of Asahina Kenji. In his eyes, the reason Takt is now fatherless is that he didn’t push hard enough to stop Kenji from hosting the concert. In repentance for not saving Kenji, Lenny saves Takt.

The highlight of takt op Destiny Episode 10 is the power-up of Titan, which, although it seems isolated, is loaded with emotion. Gathering his last strength, Lenny transfers all his powers to Titan who unleashes explosion after explosion in a dazzling array of explosions. Just as Lenny calls Attack on Titan “Triumphal”, there comes a time when it seems like Musicart is crying bloody tears – she knows the cost of winning this fight is losing her beloved conductor. .

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