Talent Development – A New Way Forward April 2022 Update


The introduction of England Hockey’s new talent system continues with the appointment of the first Talent Academies and Accredited Talent Centers and the launch of a scouting pilot.

Talent Academies
We were delighted to share the good news last week with the clubs who have been granted provisional licenses from the Talent Academy to begin delivery in September 2022. We are now working with each club to confirm their award and intend to communicate externally their involvement by May 6.

Once the Talent Academy locations are confirmed, we will share how we intend to close the geographic gaps in 2022-23, as well as details of the player nomination and selection process. We estimate that currently there are around 500 players per gender between the ages of 15 and 18 who are ready for the intensity and commitment of a Talent Academy. For 2022-23, these will be selected from a combination of current players from the Performance Center program and open nominations from clubs, schools and counties.

This month marks the first step toward building a network of scouts across the country to help unearth the next generation of international hockey players as we seek greater diversity in our talent pool.

The interest in the roles was fantastic and we are delighted to have eight incredibly experienced individuals with vast knowledge of talent development and international performance hockey working with us on a pilot program over the next six months. They will support player identification for the Talent Academies and England Age Group programs of the Performance Center Challenge Cup and the England Age Group Open Trials.

These eight scouts will observe players and assess them against a player profile that takes into account both their current level of performance and their future potential.

Talent centers
The initial cohort of 37 clubs working towards Talent Center Accredited status have been hard at work over the past six months, supported by the England Hockey Talent Team. We expect the first clubs to be accredited shortly with more to follow in a second window which will run until the end of June 2022.

We now have more dates for engagement sessions for clubs interested in working towards Talent Center accreditation. Please register here if your club would like to be part of Cohort Two here. We will invite expressions of interest for 2022-23 in mid-June.

We are currently reviewing the support program we have provided to clubs preparing for Talent Center accreditation prior to second intake. Support includes a mix of resources, workshops and one-on-one support that together help guide clubs as they develop high-quality offerings and environments for young athletes in the early stage of talent development ( Talent Foundations).

Junior County Hockey
A new Junior County Hockey Working Group is up and running with representatives from multiple counties. No two county hockey programs are the same, so the group aims to bring together perspectives from across the country, from those running large and small programs, those focusing on development centers and those who organize representative teams to share ideas and guide the development and implementation of the county’s junior hockey program.

Good athlete, good environment
As the new talent system expands over the coming seasons, a player will be able to take multiple paths to progress. Matching the environment to an individual’s physical, mental and social needs at all times is key to ensuring that they thrive, develop and enjoy their hockey experience.

England Hockey’s Right Athlete, Right Environment (RARE) resource provides guidance on questions to ask and areas to consider. We encourage parents and coaches to use the RARE document as a guide.

Finally, we have communicated directly with schools that have engaged with England Hockey in the past, recognizing that further work is needed in this area to learn how changes to the talent system can have the most impact within a framework. school. Further details can be found here. We will organize two workshops on the 9and and 12and May for schools to learn more about the new talent system. Please register here.

More informations
For more information on the new talent system, please visit the dedicated pages of the website where you will find FAQs and resources. If you have a question that is not answered on the website, please email [email protected]


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