Tampa General Launches New Program To Help Veterinarians


TAMPA – This holiday season, Tampa General Hospital thanks the veterans. They have just launched a new, free program to help our vets stay in good physical, mental and emotional health long after retirement.

For Jeff Barber, it seems like an eternity when he walks into the US Air Force training camp.

“As I get older I have lower back or knee issues and I want to stay active, I want to be a good role model for my kids,” Barber said.

Barber is one of 40 vets enrolled in Tampa General Hospital’s new Home Base Warrior health and fitness program.

“The overall goal of this program is prevention, to get them started on the right foot when they come back from overseas, we really want to be proactive with this community,” said Kim Christine of Tampa General Hospital.

Each veteran is paired with a personal trainer and dietitian, who develop a plan designed especially for them.

“This whole program is free for veterans so it’s very encouraging to participate,” said Barber. “I had more energy, more ability to do things, I’m not as bothered by back problems or anything.”

Trainer Chris Angel said that once vets have achieved some confidence on the physical side, then you can move on to their mental and emotional needs.

“People will naturally start to develop relationships with their coaches and then they will feel like they can really talk to you about the things that are plaguing them, and then we can, in turn, direct them to the appropriate resources to bring them the right way. help they need. they deserve, ”Angel said.

The program lasts 90 days, and then each quarter, Tampa General accepts 40 new veterans. To find out how to register for www.homebase.org.

“So grateful, many thanks to Tampa General Hospital and the personal trainers involved for this program, I strongly encourage all veterans to do so,” said Barber.


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