The 7 funniest live TV bloopers of 2021


Jennifer McDermed’s graphics problem has gone massively viral.

In life, not everything goes as planned. The same goes for live television. This year we’ve seen some hilarious blunders happen on live TV. From attention-seeking dogs to playful toddlers, TV presenters have faced many interruptions while trying to get their jobs done. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2021, here’s a look at some of the funniest live TV mistakes that have happened this year. Looked:

Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell was on the air when his pup interrupted him. Storm the Goldendoodle can be seen roaming the Green Screen in a hilarious video that went viral in August.

Storm wasn’t the only evil dog we’ve seen this year. Russian journalist Nadezhda Serezhkina was announcing the arrival of spring in Moscow when a dog interrupted his weather report and fled with his hand-held microphone.

BBC journalist Carol Kirkwood, meanwhile, was arrested by her guide dog during a live television broadcast. Ms Kirkwood was holding the dog’s leash when he decided to run away. Unable to maintain her balance, the journalist was filmed falling face first in front of the camera.

Jennifer McDermed, a meteorologist at FOX 9, went massively viral in May of this year. A graphics glitch caused Ms McDermed to multiply onscreen, offering the world a video that left millions of stitches. Watch it below:

Also in May: CNN reporter Manu Raju saw an “unwanted visitor” crawl into his live shot. In the widely shared clip, the reporter is first oblivious to the cicada crawling in his costume. He didn’t smell the bug until he reached his neck.

A New Zealand cabinet minister gave us one of the most popular videos of the year. Carmel Sepuloni, New Zealand Minister for Social Development, was doing a live Zoom interview with Radio Samoa when she was interrupted by her son enthusiastically waving a carrot.

What’s in a name? Ask the presenter who announced the death of playwright William Shakespeare, mistaking him for a man of the same name. Noelia Novillo, presenter of Channel 26, mourned the death of “one of the most important writers in the English language” and did not realize her blunder live on television.

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