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Singapore, Singapore, December 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Australia’s children’s charity, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, has launched a new high-quality digital intelligence education and training program for students aged 11-14 in Australia and New Zealand. The program, called eSmart Digital License +, is an interactive online learning platform that helps students develop important social and emotional skills needed to navigate the online world. The same digital skills program will be replicated in a third country in Southeast Asia, which has yet to be announced.

As Accenture aims to bring its Next Gen strategy to teens around the world, starting with Australia, the DQ Institute has identified the Foundation’s Digital + License, which is part of the eSmart suite, as the best solution for improve the digital literacy of adolescents in line with the Accenture strategy. With support from Accenture, the Foundation upgraded its existing digital license with digital skills assessments based on the DQ Global Standard (IEEE 3527.1TM), powered by the DQ Institute. This standard forms the basis from which all digital capacity building programs can be designed, ensuring a common measurement framework for all such programs. Additionally, the use of the global DQ standard ensures that a common language surrounding digital intelligence (DQ) is used to link, compare and aggregate data related to the impact of each program.

In fact, the measured results of the Foundation’s new eSmart Digital + license will be fed into the DQ index being developed by the DQ Institute, which will measure the impact of the program by exploiting data from other countries to compare national results. The eSmart + digital license is one of the leading digital literacy programs that the DQ Institute has supported and aligned with the global DQ standard, demonstrating the versatility and applicability of the standards to any digital skills program.

Alannah & Madeline Foundation CEO Sarah Davies AM said the partnership with Accenture and the DQ Institute is essential as it helps support a global set of digital intelligence standards.

“Support from Accenture and the DQ Institute will allow us to bridge the digital divide that contributes to inequality in education and limits future opportunities for so many children,” said Ms. Davies.

“This innovative partnership will ensure that the next generation can be part of the global economy. “

DQ Institute Founder Dr Yuhyun Park said, “This tripartite partnership shows how like-minded international partners can work together and deliver high quality digital education programs to students. Powered by the global DQ standard, eSmart Digital License + is a leading digital intelligence program with impact tracking based on the global benchmark.

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