The Emeril Lagasse Foundation gives $ 350K to associations


NEW ORLEANS – The Emeril Lagasse Foundation has announced the distribution of $ 350,000 to several non-profit organizations as part of its annual fall fundraising allocation. Two local grantees, Son of a Saint and Youth Empowerment Project, received community grants based on the common mission of supporting young people through culinary, nutritional and arts education with an emphasis on developing skills in life. The foundation also provided a grant following its annual Carnivale Wine fundraising weekend at the Watering Hole Foundation and its children’s education program. This program sponsors elementary and middle school visits to the Alex Beard Art Studio in New Orleans, where artistic creation is combined with learning about endangered wildlife and the environment.

“Despite the challenges of the past year and a half, we are very happy to be able to continue distributing grants to our beneficiaries,” said Chef Emeril Lagasse. “Our donors and sponsors have embraced our organization with a great spirit of generosity. I continue to be touched by their contributions.

Organizations receiving funds during the fall grant cycle of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation:

  • Son of a Saint is dedicated to improving the lives of fatherless boys through mentoring, emotional support, the development of life skills, exposure to constructive experiences, and the formation of positive and lasting relationships between peers. Son of a Saint will expand its nutrition program aimed at individualizing nutrition education for mentees, providing opportunities for culinary skill development and career exploration, and strengthening the skills and knowledge acquired during the program to residence.
  • Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) offers mentoring and youth advocacy, adult education and high school equivalency preparation, employment preparation and career exploration, and an education program. ‘enrichment of extra-curricular time. The goal is to connect young people with the opportunities, relationships and resources they need to realize their potential. The YEP will place more emphasis on two areas of support for young people: individual mentoring and educational support.

In addition to these grants, the Emeril Lagasse Foundation supports its mission through its flagship program, Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen. This national education program integrates culinary gardens and instructional kitchens to create interactive learning environments focused on food. It paves the way for children from all walks of life to be healthier, appreciate food and its role in culture, and serve as role models for healthy eating within their families and communities. The following five schools will receive grants: Belle Chasse Academy (Belle Chasse, LA), Cunningham Elementary School (Austin, TX), DC Bilingual Public Charter School (Washington DC), Dr. John Ochsner Discovery Health Sciences Academy (New Orleans, LA ) and Starlight Elementary School (Watsonville, CA)


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