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The influential chef Mario Sandoval (2 Michelin stars) will be the global ambassador of Iberian ham

HONG KONG SAR – Media outreach – January 25, 2022 – ASICIwith the support of the EU, launches “Iberian Hams from Spain, Ambassadors of Europe in the World“, the most important international promotional program carried out by the Iberian sector in its history. The historic campaign plans to increase sales by 60% at the Asian giant, bringing the excellence of this cultured product closer to more than 111 million Chinese consumers and 70,000 restaurateurs.

Within this innovative global project, a battery of sensory, emotional and spectacular actions will be promoted to show Chinese consumers what it means to taste Iberian Ham in all its glory.

“We need to awaken in Chinese consumers what many already feel with Iberian ham: the ‘Iberian sense’. A sense that cannot be described, it can only be experienced. Through it, you perceive sensations and experiences inherent in our culture, that of Europe, which make you appreciate its sublime flavor. We have a unique product in Europe, with a beautiful story behind it, and we must share it”. This is how Antonio Prieto, president of ASICI, expresses himself clearly and sincerely when he talks about Iberian hams from Spain, ambassadors of Europe in the world”, the new international promotion campaign with which ASICI seeks to stimulate the whole world to awaken its “Iberian Sense” and savor the incomparable flavor of this cultured food.

A global training, education and information project that aims to consolidate and strengthen the Iberian culture in international markets such as China and to encourage companies in the sector to expand around the world. A living concept that invites you to try, to discover and that marks a new position for the sector.

With this emotional and sensitive initiative, which should awaken the “Iberian sense” and conquer more than 300 million consumers in Spain, France, Germany and Mexico, in addition to reaching for the first time a market with enormous potential such as China, where the marketing growth rate is expected to be exponential, impacting 111 million consumers and 70,000 restaurant owners.


“Because the Iberian sense is not just about smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting or touching, it is also about feeling, sharing, savoring, celebrating and toasting. In this context, an international network made up of influential chefs will bring the benefits of Iberian Ham closer to consumers and will be led by the Spaniard Mario Sandoval (renowned chef at the head of the Coque Restaurant kitchen) who has been awarded two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns , in addition to a Michelin green star that rewards sustainability in kitchens. With this distinction, the Guide gives visibility to restaurants that share the commitment and strive to innovate through initiatives that preserve the environment. According to Sandoval: “We support the circular economy, reduce waste and encourage both research and awareness.lly sourced.”

The visionary Madrid chef began to fall in love with cooking and its secrets at the age of ten in the family restaurant, in the third generation of chefs to which he belongs. In 1999, he succeeded his father in the gastronomic management of Coque, with his brothers. Since then, it has never stopped innovating and reinventing itself, placing itself at the most vibrant Spanish culinary avant-garde.

Sandoval will be well accompanied by other ambassador chefs such as the German Christian Sturm-Willms (chef of the restaurant Yunico, distinguished by a Michelin star), the French Amandine Chaignot (chef of the restaurant Pouliche) and the Mexican Carlos Gaytán (first Mexican to receive one Michelin star) Prescribers/influencers who will be responsible for bringing the excellence of this delicacy closer to the consumer and awakening in him the sensations it transmits: its pleasant and balanced aroma, its intense flavor, its incomparable texture.


“We want to have more than 1,000 European ham ambassadors around the world, position the product in the 1,000 most important restaurants in the current scene and train more than 1,000 ham cutters. We want to make the world feel, and more particularly prescribers/influencers, consumers and opinion leaders, which many of us already feel with Iberian ham”, adds Antonio Prieto, president of ASICI.

Within this innovative global project, a battery of emotional and sensory actions will be promoted to show Chinese consumers what it means to taste Iberian Ham in all its glory. Powerful promotional and informative actions such as advertising on different supports and media, an ambitious digital campaign on social networks with foodie influencers who will become spokespersons for the messages, a multilingual website, sponsorship of events and spots campaign video. In addition, a powerful campaign was imagined in television, digital and magazine media, as well as an ambitious social media plan on WeChat.

This project will be supplemented, at the global level, by a major PR action plan specific to each market and for each target: “tasting table events”, “business workshop experience”, promotions at points of sale, gastronomic festival routes , and sponsorship of the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, as well as strategic agreements with Spanish embassies in each of the target countries and alliances with gastronomic organizations, such as industry associations in China.


Having become the largest consumer market in the world, the evolution of consumer trends driven by rising per capita income and the development of the middle classes (in 2030, it is expected that 35% of the population, or some 480 million people, be considered as belonging to the middle class) generated a greater propensity to buy imported products with higher added value.

In this context, exports to China are constantly increasing, and proof of this is that in recent years there has been a growing interest in this country for ham, reflected in the number of companies authorized to export to China. country.

According to data provided by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), the growing interest of Chinese consumers in raw ham has been noted. In 2021, sales of Spanish hams and shoulders, including Iberian and Serrano, increased by more than 32.96% in value to exceed 17.35 million euros, and by 80.8% in volume to reach 1,059 .72 tonnes (data through October 2021). For Hong Kong, a total volume of 164.04 tons was reached in 2021, with a turnover of 3.89 million euros. These figures reflect the excellent trade relations between the two countries. This campaign is expected to increase sales by 60% over the next three years.

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The Iberian Pork Interprofessional Association (ASICI) is a non-profit Agrifood Interprofessional Organization (OIA) in which more than 95% of the organizations in the production sector (farmers) and more than 95% of the processing sector (industry ) of Iberian pig are represented. Created in 1992, it was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1999 as an Interprofessional Agribusiness Organization of the Iberian Pork Sector.



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