The film needs the death of a character to succeed


MTV Teen Wolf come back for Teen Wolf: The Movie, and with a large cast, there is bound to be death, but only one is necessary for the success of the film. The film’s cast consists of old and new faces. From the original pack, Scott (Tyler Posey), Lydia (Holland Roden), Jackson (Colton Haynes), Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), and Allison (Crystal Reed) are set to return. Teen Wolf: The Movie will inevitably struggle to escape the shadow of Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), but with the inclusion of old characters like Jackson and Allison, he can survive. However, there is a returning character whose death is necessary.


Allison’s death in Teen Wolf season 3 had the most significant impact on the series, and it should stay dead. It was a turning point in the series when Allison died; reviving her would diminish the character development that occurred because of her death. Not to mention that bringing back such an important character would require more than two hours to properly integrate him into the Teen Wolf universe. However, Allison’s return for the movie isn’t a problem as long as she’s dead at the end of the movie, which shouldn’t be a problem since it was teased that Allison will be there Teen Wolf movie villain.

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The impact of Allison’s death on the characters of Teen Wolf

Allison’s death forever changed the lives of Scott’s pack. However, the most affected were Scott, Lydia, Stiles and his father, Chris Argent. Scott was forced to be his own anchor. Lydia further embraced her powers in an effort to never feel helpless again. Stiles faced severe guilt because he felt responsible since he was the one possessed by the Nogitsune. Finally, Argent began following Allison’s new family motto, “WE PROTECT those who are unable to protect themselves“Everything changed when she died, and bringing her back as she was would lessen the impact of that deserved emotional growth. Although the actress Crystal Reed returned to Teen Wolf season 5it wasn’t like Allison because, as she said, “Allison had such an incredible end of life that I feel like bringing her back somehow could tarnish this beautiful story.“It would be the same for the film.

One movie isn’t enough time to get Allison back in the Teen Wolf universe

Allison wasn’t just any character; she was part of the original pack and the heart of the story. If she comes back, we have to do her justice. It would be exciting to find her again, but it would raise a number of questions that a movie couldn’t answer. If Allison comes back to life, it will be necessary to explore how she fits into everyone’s lives now, and it should be written in a way that doesn’t negate the character development of others. Teen Wolf: The Movie won’t offer enough time to properly bring Allison back. That said, it’s enough time to offer some much-needed closure.

The cast Teen Wolf: The Movie story revealed updates at New York Comic Con, and Crystal Reed announced that Allison would return as “a version of herself” (Going through EO). The trailer also revealed that the Oni have returned, so it’s not a stretch to believe that the Nogitsune will as well. Maybe Reed will play a nogitsune-possessed version of Allison, but unlike Stiles, she won’t survive. Allison’s return could also be used as a closure opportunity because, as Reed said in 2016, “[A] the big bone of contention was that [Allison] never had a funeral. It’s almost like closing a coffin would be the end of his story and I wanted to be able to give that to the fans“There are many ways Teen Wolf: The Movie can be fine, but Allison’s death is the best way to ensure her resurrection isn’t a cheap attempt to please fans.

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