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São Paulo – The 2021 Social Entrepreneur Award ceremony recognized last Tuesday (30) five exceptional initiatives in the fight against the health crisis in the country.

The second edition of the competition in response to Covid-19 had four winners nominated by the jury and one chosen by popular vote from 12 finalists on the Folha website: Fundos Filantrópicos contra Covid-19, Aceleradora dos Parças, Telemedicine SAS Brasil, Mãe e Muito + and NoonApp – Renda e Inclusão Digital are the winners of the competition.

Leonardo Letelier, 48, from Solutions sociales, is the winner in the Health emergency category. The founder of Sitawi -Finanças do Bem, and a pioneer in the development of financial solutions with social impact and the promotion of third sector entities, led the Fundos Filantrópicos contra Covid-19.

In total, 14 funds were made possible with the help of partners, such as the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development), to mobilize 175 million reais in favor of front-line health professionals and the fight against the coronavirus. .

In the Social and Productive Inclusion category, Alan Almeida, 29, and Carla Cristina, 37, are the winners. They are in charge of Aceleradora dos Parças, a social enterprise that offers programming courses – blockchain, machine learning, game and application development – in “Linguagem da quebrada” (accessible language) to graduates of Fundação Casa and of Carandiru Women’s Prison, among others in the Brazilian prison system, the third in the world.

During the pandemic, the startup selected a thousand young people for distance training, with technical and personal monitoring to guide them towards the IT market, currently lacking a specialized workforce, with competitive salaries.

In Innovation for the Return, the doctor Adriana Mallet, 40, was awarded for the Telemedicine SAS Brazil initiative. Wishing to become the “Doctor of WhatsApp” and democratize access to healthcare, she treated vulnerable populations in 320 cities.

More than 40,000 patients have benefited from the project, which also installed self-sterilization booths for remote assistance in communities, with a disinfection system, vital signals measuring devices, electronic medical records and a prescription printer.

In the Community Solutions category, the winner is Stella Maris Monteiro, 36, who led the Mãe e Muito + project in Morro dos Macacos, Rio de Janeiro. With the methodology “Quadrilátero do Apoio” (“Support Quadrangle”), based on therapy, social assistance, education and social integration, she helped women heads of household by offering them mentors and courses. anchored in a network of public social services. assistance facilities.

Tia Stellinha, as the social entrepreneur is called, is a mother of five and has impacted the lives of 750 women. It is already planned to apply the methodology to 6,000 other female heads of household, through partnerships with NGOs and the Gerando Falcões network.

In the Reader’s Choice category, a category that includes the popular vote, the winners are Suzana, 51, and Reinaldo Pamponet, 49, who created the NoopApp – Renda e Inclusão Digital, a collaborative digital platform, which received 28% nearly 160,000 votes.

On the NoonApp, which already has 400,000 users, each collaboration (challenge) offered in the application encourages ideas and the resolution of socio-environmental problems and pays participants with Girassol (Tournesol), its own currency equivalent to R $ 1 , which generates collective intelligence and income.

A total of 317 projects have been registered for this second edition of the prize organized by Folha, with a focus on the fight against the pandemic, in partnership with the Schwab Foundation.

It is to the sound of famous Brazilian songs that the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award in response to Covid-19 presented Tuesday evening (30) its finalists and winners.

Broadcast on TV Folha, artists Livia La Gatto and Renata Maciel sang several parodies, from Timbalada to Gilberto Gil, to tell the story of the 12 finalists for the awards.

Hosts Adriana Couto and Leo Madeira led the virtual ceremony in the Folha Auditorium, with a night view of São Paulo in the background, which can be seen from the 9th floor of the newspaper building.

The awards ceremony featured mini-documentaries recorded with the finalists, showing the impact of their actions. He also brought testimonials from sponsors of causes in the post-pandemic world – artists such as Claudia Raia, Ingrid Guimarães, Ivete Sangalo, Giovanna Lancelotti and Xuxa Meneghel.

“After seeing so many initiatives that seemed like a miracle, it’s impossible not to be optimistic,” Regina Casé said in a video as soon as the show opened.

As soon as they were announced, the winners were invited by the masters of ceremonies to a live entry, by videoconference, to celebrate and thank.

“You worked in a difficult and at times unfavorable environment, persisted despite frustrations and collectively transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Brazil and around the world,” said Hilde Schwab, President of the Schwab Foundation, co – host of the award, to congratulate the Brazilians elected Social Entrepreneurs of the Year, in a video message.

“If we are to make our society more resilient, inclusive and sustainable, we must serve our communities. And this is a chapter that you, as social entrepreneurs, are writing. This is my hope for a post-Covid-19 world, “he said.

For Sérgio Dávila, Editorial Director of Folha, the second edition of the “Social Entrepreneur Award in Response to Covid-19” this year is special for two reasons. “The first is that we are celebrating Folha’s 100th anniversary in 2021. The second is that this year we are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Folha network of social and environmental entrepreneurs. Important steps in a journey to recognize and give visibility to those who seek to resolve Brazilian problems. “

According to Dávila, the group of 2021 finalists are showing strength and commitment to address the challenges that the health crisis has brought to the country, with growing inequalities and the tragic mark of over 600,000 deaths in one year and half pandemic.

“NGOs, movements and social impact companies demonstrate that organized civil society can do a lot and contribute with governments and businesses to building a more just country,” he says.

The Social Entrepreneur Award is sponsored by Gerdau, Ambev, Sesi / Senai, Coca-Cola and Vedacit and is a strategic partnership with Ashoka, ESPM, Dom Cabral Foundation, Pacto Global and UOL.

Translated by Cassy Dias


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