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IRVINE, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/November 14, 2022/ As a mother of three children (including two twins), Dr. Jenny Woo is no stranger to the anxieties that every parent inevitably feels. While a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Jenny found herself wishing other parents could be aware of what she was learning. Jenny knew firsthand the challenges of parenthood in a world of endless information. She wanted to cut through the noise and give parents something simple, something familiar, something that would genuinely help parents teach their children (and themselves) how to navigate an increasingly complex world.

So she created “52 Essential Conversations”, a playing card game of social-emotional learning questions designed to foster conversation between parents/guardians and their children.

Jenny has an MEd from Harvard, an MBA from UC Berkeley, a Ph.D. from UC Irvine, and worked for several years as a Montessori school principal. It’s no wonder his cards have been so successful since their first Kickstarter campaign in 2018. Since then, the cards (along with their 6 counterparts) have been used by parents, schools and practitioners in over 50 countries. .

The success of these maps is undoubtedly due to Jenny’s vast experience, she spent seven years as a human capital consultant, gave two TEDx talks, taught emotional intelligence, taught authentic communications and worked at the Center on the Developing Child. Additionally, she has spoken at the Institute of Child Psychology Conference, Happy Family Conference, and other gatherings for parents, teachers, educators, and school administrators around the world. . She also hosted a podcast titled 52 Essential Conversations to Inspire Children for Life.

Jenny learned firsthand that your youth is a determining factor in how well you are able to handle life as you grow older. She was 10 when she arrived in the US from China after 5 years without seeing her parents, reuniting with her family alongside intense culture shock meant that Jenny did not have a typical childhood. In order to navigate through her teenage years, Jenny realized the importance of social, communication and coping skills. This was undoubtedly the pivotal moment that set Jenny on her way.

As an adult, Jenny noticed that people were successful and happy when they were in tune with their emotions. In response, she founded Mind Brain Parentingand after receiving great interest from non-relatives, she went on to found a sister brand Mind Brain Emotion to help potential leaders develop their emotional intelligence.

“Although I have spent years developing leaders’ communication and interpersonal skills so they can succeed in their professional roles, it wasn’t until I became a mother myself that my AHA moment was come. It’s not just that we need these skills professionally, but also personally. As parents, we need to ensure that our children grow up responsible, compassionate, confident and determined. That’s when I decided to pivot my career into management consulting and put what I had learned into education.”

Jenny realized that her calling was to level the playing field so that all parents could have access to insights from top child development experts, psychologists, neuroscientists, counselors and researchers. His cards are just part of the bigger picture of his quest, his whole life is dedicated to helping people thrive inside and out.

However, it is through these maps that she manages to bridge the gap between research and action.

“I believe in empowering the user to get what they need and do what they need in ways that are accessible, actionable, and doable,” says Jenny.

“That’s the backbone of what these cards represent. I wanted to give parents the tools to enable them to have potentially difficult and embarrassing conversations by giving them concrete language, skills and the confidence to ask questions. good questions. Few people have the time to read an entire self-help book, attend a conference or take a class and even if they do, very often at the end you say to yourself: “Well, that was awesome, what do I do now? What I want to give people is a tool that they can actually use, make a game out of it, take it with them. them in the car or at the table.”

52 Essential Conversations was an undeniable success, which led Jenny to develop 6 more decks. 52 Essential Relationships, 52 Essential Coping Skills, 52 Essential Critical Thinking and the three most recently published 52 Essential Social Skills (suitable for ages 5-9), 52 Essential Social Situations (8-12), and 52 Essential Social Dilemmas (11 -14).

Each game is geared towards a particular aspect of a healthy and happy life, but across all games the recurring themes are thinking about things in a new light, prioritizing mental health, building stronger bonds between children and parents/guardians, and to develop their social relationships and emotional intelligence. The goal – to help people achieve their best, inside and out.

Jenny Woo is the Founder/CEO and creator of award-winning educational games and mental health tools. As an MBA social entrepreneur and holder of a Ph.D. an emotional intelligence researcher, she is passionate about bringing science and practice closer together. Its 52 series of essential cards include (conversations, relationships and coping skills) and are used in over 50 countries in homes, schools and workplaces. Additionally, Jenny Woo is a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, host, and panelist.

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