“They will be here someday”: Wild Guerin general manager talks about a trio of prospects cut off from the camp


The Minnesota Wild are just a few sleeps away from their opener against the Anaheim Ducks and management sent a clear message on how they want their roster to look on Saturday, as they knocked out an exciting young line from training camp and sent them to the AHL for further development.

Marco Rossi, Adam Beckman and Calen Addison made strong impressions throughout the several weeks, but the timing was just miserable and the list already built was just not designed for them to make a mark on it.

“They all had great training camps, they had a positive impact on the team,” said Wild general manager Bill Guerin. noted Saturday. “It’s only part of the development process, that’s all. The role they play is not necessarily the position we have taken. We don’t want these guys sitting in the stands, playing 8-10 minutes a game; we want them to play a lot of minutes, a lot of games, a lot of different situations.

“They handled it really well, there is nothing negative. We have a plan for these guys, they’ll be there someday and I don’t know if it’s in a month or in six months or in eight months, they will be there.

As Guerin mentioned, they already have their best players covered by experienced NHL-level players, so to potentially hamper any development by pushing those 19, 20, and 21-year-old hopefuls into deep roles, that doesn’t really deliver. equips him with enough poise in his eyes, and also holds back the potential to gain that professional experience. In AHL, they will play as much as humanly possible and always against very good competition.

And from what Guerin can tell, new players in Iowa took it pretty well.

“I don’t know if they expected it at all, but they handled it really well,” he said. “I think they understand the process, the development process; for us, we don’t want them to sit still, when they are here they have to have an impact. They can all play in the league right now, there’s no doubt about it, but we need them to be impact players. In our opinion right now, the best thing for them is to go to Iowa and play a lot, play in all situations, play as much as possible; it will help them get to where they need to be to have an impact.

It was certainly a difficult choice to make. Beyond our own fandom which bothers us and the innate desire to see the future core of this team play as soon as possible, it is not unfounded that Rossi or Beckman could bring more value and contribute more to the team. that someone like the recent wire pickup waiver Rem Pitlick on the third row with Kevin Fiala.

The primary focus and weighting of pros and cons is whether being just a secondary (or sometimes tertiary) option in the NHL is better than being the guy in the AHL. After one of them has had a five-point night in the first few weeks of the Iowa season, and the first team needs an offensive attack, there will be pitchforks and torches in. outside of TRIA.

At least one player blew everyone’s expectations up. Beckman simply delivered on all fronts and seemed desperate to make the Wild and join Matt Boldy and Rossi as the organization’s top prospects.

Guérin was certainly impressed.

“I said [Beckman]”He said,” what he did with his energy, with his play, with his production, his fight the other night, all that; if I could bottle that up and show other young players, like that’s how you make an impression, that’s how you say “I’m here, I want to make the team” , if I could bottle this and show the guys, I would.

“I’m at those 10s or whatever, even when I was playing some guys just think it’s going to happen and it’s not. You have to be able to show that you are really ready to do anything and I think he did.

It is special. No matter what you think about the eye exam or how hard you put it, Beckman dumped heaps and heaps of it during the preseason. He’s been rewarded – staying up longer than expected and a whole fanbase clamoring for his debut – but since this is his first full season of professional hockey, it makes sense to not rush anything and just enjoy and learn from. what he demonstrated.

As for the player who claimed that last remaining attacking spot, Brandon Duhaime is a modern MVP of the last six and the Wild GM were more than excited to see what he can do with more time and time. in a real game scenario.

“You know what, he’s in amazing condition,” Guerin said. “It gives us speed, courage; he’s a disruptive player and he’s proven it every time he’s been in the lineup and he scored a great goal the other night. It’s more just the full set of what he did. His development process is exactly what we’re talking about – he’s a mid-tour pick, he went to college, he developed there, he came to play in Iowa for a few years, and he’s still going on. to improve, it continues to develop, and that’s it. It doesn’t happen overnight for a lot of guys. Just the fact that he went through the process and kept on working, working and working; that’s how he finds himself here.

“Right away we could see it. like ‘wow, he’s serious. He is ready. Just the impact it can have on our alignment, with youth and speed, and quickness and strength, it plays a physical mark that we really love.

At the age of 24, it made much more paper sense to move Duhaime to the NHL and chose to handle the prospects with a higher cap much more delicately. He was always there with Beckman and put on a mind blowing training camp, so it’s no surprise he got the job at the end of the day.

Now, with the roster set in a soft stone shape (maybe changes will come relatively soon, who knows?) All they have to do is play more hockey games to figure out how their season is. will unfold. Every goal counts from this point on and the Wild are under significant pressure to keep their hype as a fun team to watch.

Minnesota begins its season in Anaheim on October 15. Stay here at Hockey Wilderness for more coverage.


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