Those who receive permanent financial assistance to get a little extra


The Department of Investment, Innovation and Social Development said all recipients of ongoing financial assistance will receive an additional $ 150 with their standard financial assistance distribution for this month.

In this regard, Minister André Ebanks said:

This increased ongoing financial aid distribution, while modest and funded by identified savings, is intended to provide additional support during the holiday season to over 1,050 elderly and needy people, as well as those in need. cannot earn a living because of a physical or mental disability. It will be included in the December 2021 distribution of the Needs Assessment Unit.

Learn more about the Needs Assessment Unit

The Needs Assessment Unit is a department of the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development.

According to its website, the NAU provides financial assistance to people who are unable to meet basic needs, such as shelter, food and clothing.

Depending on the circumstances, financial assistance can be long term or short term.

The NAU can help you with a variety of living expenses, such as:

  • Rent payments and / or utility bills (light, water, propane)
  • Food and / or clothing
  • Medical expenses: such as health insurance, medical equipment and supplies, dental, optical care, or assistance with medical travel
  • Children’s education: school lunches, uniforms and shoes, school supplies, summer camp, exam fees, preschool fees and after-school child care
  • Living expenses for those unable to support themselves due to advanced age or disability
  • Burial aid

The NAU is located at 55 South Church Street, 1st Floor Aqua Mall, George Town, Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands.

They can be contacted by phone at 946-0024 or by email at [email protected]

Information is also available on their website at


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