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Monrovia – TRIBE launched its pre-entrepreneurship academy, RE-Novate, with the aim of integrating and teaching entrepreneurship in secondary schools in Liberia, thus creating and nurturing an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs.

RE-Novate is TRIBE’s new approach to improving learning outcomes for high school students in Liberia.

The program, which is in its pilot phase, is being tested in three private high schools in Monrovia and Paynesville. Partner schools include BW Harris Episcopal High School, ELWA Academy and Revelation SDA High School.

The results of the pilot will inform the scalability and expansion of RE-Novate. It takes place in parallel with the academic calendar established by the Ministry of Education. The pilot phase consists of recruiting and working with 50 students from partner schools. Students wishing to be chosen will go through a rigorous application process and demonstrate their socio-emotional growth, strong character and cognitive abilities.

Wainright Acquoi, CEO of TRIBE, said: The turning point in my life came just before I graduated from high school, when I discovered fundamental real-world skills for thinking, problem-solving, and learning to to learn. It was not part of my school’s core curriculum.

At TRIBE, we strongly support that these skills are essential to thrive in the job market and that they are principles of entrepreneurship. Therefore, we believe that every student should be an entrepreneur. Our promise is to provide a model that makes this possible.

Justyn Tokeh, Director of ELWA Academy, said: “TRIBE has provided a very rare opportunity for young students to step into their future with the determination to transform it. This partnership presents a unique platform for the leaders of tomorrow to harness their potential for a lifelong career. ELWA Academy sees this partnership as a dream come true to improve its focus on student career development. We are in the same boat and believe this is a positive step in building a new future for today’s generation. “

Benjamin Tulay, Assistant Director of Instruction at BW Harris Episcopal High School, said: BW Harris is proud to be a part of the RE-Novate program which provides a fraction of the missing link that will allow students to move from being an employee to that of innovation. employers, which will be a game-changer.

RE-Novate will run at these three partner schools until June 2022, exposing students to a project-based program that teaches them entrepreneurship and digital literacy. Additionally, RE-Novate students will participate in a range of personal development activities including mentoring, internships, seminars and learning workshops, as well as the design and execution of student projects.

The pilot phase is funded by the Samuel Huntington Fund.

About TRIBU:

TRIBE seeks to inspire a new generation of determined young African problem solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators and storytellers. Through our education startup, workforce development and entrepreneurial consulting, we are reimagining secondary education and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem to bridge the learning and workforce development gap. work between students, schools and employers.


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