Wayfinder Announces Expansion of Social-Emotional and Purpose-Based Program to K-12 Market


“Our 13 years of vertically aligned, developmentally appropriate, and fully adaptable courses encompass and transcend traditional SEL. This provides schools and districts with the opportunity to help their students thrive from infancy through graduation. and beyond.”

Wayfinder, the leading provider of social-emotional learning and goals, today announced that it is expanding its curriculum offerings to include a full range of K-12 products and services.

Over the past year, Wayfinder’s team of elementary curriculum design experts gathered feedback from hundreds of elementary school teachers and students to develop, test and finalize a new elementary school curriculum.

Wayfinder’s middle and high school programs, focused on belonging and purpose, respectively, have successfully supported more than 60,000 students in some of the nation’s largest school districts. According to a recent evaluation of the program conducted by Dr. Heather Malin of Stanford University, the Wayfinder program has been shown to improve student outcomes in six areas: social awareness, identity expression, purpose development, academic engagement, cultural awareness and belonging.

The Wayfinder team is excited to make social-emotional learning (SEL) and goal learning accessible to a new group of young learners. The Common Core and CASEL-aligned K-5 curriculum will take an entirely new approach, going beyond SEL to bring authenticity, joy, and self-determination to the classroom. Student activities, lessons, and toolkits invite students to collaborate, explore their thoughts, and express themselves.

In addition to personalized global training and technical support, K-5 offerings will include the following:

● 20 experiential and fun core curriculum lessons per year that require less than 5 minutes of preparation time each

● A library of activities that works as a lightweight solution, with more than 200 customizable news. exploratory activities for elementary students – filter by duration, skill, grade level, type of activity, etc. to help students develop skills as they move and play

● Engaging videos that lighten the load on teachers, help them facilitate and inspire students to learn

● Simplified, printable instructional guides that can be implemented in 20-minute blocks or experienced in smaller chunks throughout the day

● Developmental student toolkits for young learners to think, draw and journal

In addition to this, a comprehensive Grade 6 curriculum titled Belonging: Foundations will include engaging lessons that foster bonding among classmates and help reinforce a culture of belonging. Teachers will be able to use this Grade 6 curriculum to support students through the transition from elementary to middle school.

“[My students] aren’t totally sold on the SEL, but they loved the [Wayfinder] activities,” said Tess, a fourth-grade teacher from Massachusetts, after trying out new lessons with students. “They even made some great suggestions on how we should be paired up with students who aren’t our friends so we can build trust. Thank you for…helping me prioritize SEL.

Wayfinder Founder and CEO Patrick Cook-Deegan says, “We are excited to bring something completely new to the K-12 SEL market. Our 13 years of vertically aligned, developmentally appropriate, and fully adaptable courses encompass and transcend traditional SEL. This provides schools and districts with the opportunity to help their students thrive from childhood through graduation and beyond.

This new version of the program comes at a time when the need for SEL and comprehensive, preventative mental health support for students is at an all time high. In December 2021, the United States Surgeon General declared a child and adolescent mental health crisis. Recent reports show that most schools are still failing to meet the needs of their students. Wayfinder’s K-12 products aim to help schools respond to this crisis with learning experiences that support holistic childhood and adolescent development.

Visit the Wayfinder website to learn more about their products and schedule a demo with an experienced team member.


Wayfinder is a leading provider of social-emotional learning tools and goals for schools in the United States and 15 countries around the world. Grounded in Stanford d.School research, they are committed to supporting academic engagement and holistic student well-being with physical and digital tools that enable educators to build strong relationships with their students and guide them to a useful life.

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